Trickster & Fish print
"Storytelling, you know, has a real function. The process of the storytelling is itself a healing process,partly because you have someone there who is taking the time to tell you a story that has great meaning to them. They're taking the time to do this because your life could use some help, but they don't want to come over and just give advice. They want to give it to you in a form that becomes inseparable from your whole self. That's what stories do. Stories differ from advice in that, once you get them, they become a fabric of your whole soul. That is why they heal you." -Alice Walker








Amy's boxes always tell a story. Sometimes they reference stories from different cultures. The Trickster is a favorite theme; whether it is from an Abeneke story or one that can be traced back to West Africa, China, or ancient times. Other boxes are very specific and they are either biographical or have been commissioned to celebrate a birthday or other event. Below are links to boxes which are made of wood, paper mache, or ceramics.


Fran's Box
I Remember Tomorrow

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I am a woman aging... winged woman - click here detail - click here
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coyote box



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